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Inventory Management

Textiles Creative and Technology Services (TCTS) has a number of devices available for use to students, staff, and faculty both on and off-campus. All requests must contain a detailed justification for the use of the device. Device assignments are re-evaluated annually and all assets must be physically audited by TCTS each year, regardless of if the device is an at-home or on-campus device.

You can login and view your assigned assets on

Once your request has been approved, your device will be assigned to you and an acknowledgement email generated. You must agree and accept the device via the generated email before you can pick up the device for use. It is expected that the device will be returned in the same functioning order, with the same accessories present when the device was delivered to you.

Short term loaner devices are loaned out for anywhere from a few hours to 30 days.

All devices must be audited physically by a member of TCTS annually, regardless of if the device is off or on campus.

Device Requests

To request a device loaner, or a device purchase, check out the Get Help page.

Device Use Agreement

I will coordinate the return of my device to Textiles Creative and Technology Services (TCTS) at the end of my employment, education, or upon request from any TCTS staff. Failure to return the devices will result in a delay of receipt of diploma or may require other disciplinary measures up to, and including, a theft report filed with appropriate law enforcement. I am responsible for returning the device and any related accessories in good working order. If I withdraw from NC State for any reason or resign from my position, I must return their device on or before the date of termination. If I fail to return the device, I acknowledge that a theft report will be filed with appropriate law enforcement and I will be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability.

I acknowledge that I will regularly save all appropriate data to NC State’s Google Drive and that TCTS will not be responsible for any loss of data on this device. I will abide by all University IT regulations and policies in addition to those specifically for the Wilson College of Textiles. This includes all HIPAA and FERPA regulations, where applicable. I understand that random inspections of the device will be conducted to ensure compliance with provisions of University policies and inventory management.

I have read and understand all applicable NC State University policies, regulations, and rules, including, but not limited to: [An annual inspection is required to] verify the status of home use assets during the annual physical inventory. (REG [I am to take] appropriate security precautions to protect and secure university data regardless of where it resides. (RUL

University computer accounts are for the exclusive use of the individual to whom they were assigned, and users may not allow or facilitate unauthorized access to University computer accounts or IT resources by others. (REG

Users of IT resources, including computer systems, must take appropriate security precautions to protect and secure data residing in or on assigned university accounts or other IT resources. These precautions include ensuring that security patches are applied to software products, and adhering to any university security guidelines, standards or regulations for any device (university-owned or personal) that accesses university data and services. (REG [This NC State] device is to be used only for University business. (REG

Computer users should have no expectation of privacy with regard to any personal material stored or archived on University IT resources. (REG

Misuse of state property is interpreted to mean damage, theft, embezzlement or unauthorized use of any state owned personal or real property. (REG