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Teaching With Technology

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Online Teaching Support

TCTS provides support for online and hybrid instruction and any related use of learning technology.  Tools like Moodle and Mediasite allow us to take classroom and lab experiences online, which can benefit even on-campus classes by moving to a blended format for easier communication and student reference.

Moodle is the campus’ choice for a virtual classroom environment, a space for instructors to post content and create virtual activities like tests and assignments for students to complete electronically.  There are over two dozen activity types available in Moodle, each with their own array of options to try and accommodate every possible classroom need.  Choosing the right tool for the job is often as important as knowing how to configure it for the activity you have in mind.  TCTS is happy to help with both parts of the process, feel free to reach out and chat with us to learn more.

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Online exams in particular can raise a number of questions for instructors, including how to make them secure and authentic when students aren’t in the same physical space.  DELTA have provided campus with a number of additional tools like Respondus Monitor to help us proctor student exams remotely, and there are a number of other design techniques we can employ to make sure the exams accurately reflect each student’s understanding of the material.

Mediasite is our lecture capture system for the University to share recorded classroom video or other presentations.  Most of our classrooms have Mediasite equipment built in for either prescheduled or ad hoc recordings.  Instructors can also use the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, which captures your screen and audio from a connected mic, to let you create narrated lectures from anywhere.  

Mediasite Classroom

Mediasite content can be easily gathered into catalogs for a given course or purpose so instructors don’t have to link to each individual recording.  Recordings both from the classroom and the desktop recorder can be placed in the same space and then linked to Moodle so students can easily get all their lecture content in one place.

Other tools such as Top Hat (for classroom interactions), Google Apps (for student collaboration) and others can all be used to help instructors keep students engaged and on top of course material.  TCTS can help you find the right set of tools and configure them for the best experience in your online or hybrid classroom, contact us to learn more today!